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Still on the hunt – true bass and VP

We’re charging forward with rep development.  Bonus side effect – odd looks from passersby when we get caught singing Christmas tunes in September.

In the meantime, we’re still looking for a new VP and a true bass.  With them we can level up our arrangements, so if you know any in SW Virginia, please send them our way. In other words, auditions are open.

Wrapping up summer and heading into fall

This July we got to sing the national anthem at a Salem Redsox game, (note the Christmas in July theme).

KP waiting to sing national anthem at Salem Red Sox Game, July 207.

In August, we  (mostly) reassembled to have a great time at reCALibrate (aka aca-camp) and were the group there that had the most members in attendance. (Jesse was busy buying a house, so he didn’t come.  Go figure!)

4 of 5 KP members at reCALibrate, 2017.

Now we’re diving in the fall and winter rep with a vengeance. On the horizon – possible ch-ch-ch-ch-anges.


In reviewing our accounts, we’ve apparently been great about FB but a bit lax over here.  Sorry about that!  So what’s been happening?

We went to Charlotte in May to see Home Free for some inspiration:

KP members on steps of Art Museum in Charlotte
Grinning like fools post-concert

We made it through the first round of competition for the first annual A Cappella Open, but we ended up withdrawing for this year, because Jesse (Cogsworth) and Jennifer (Mrs. Potts) are in a production of Beauty and the Beast, and Liza is in a production of BINGO! which cut into availability over the summer.

Now we’re looking ahead to singing the national anthem at the Salem Red Sox game on July 27th @ 7pm.

Finally, we’re looking for (financial) support to help us go to summer camp – really! – in August and improve our aca-skills.  See our campaign here:


So, sorry for the radio silence – bad Jennifer – but as you can see, we’re boogying right along!

School’s out for summer!

And so are we, for a few weeks. Thanks to the hearty souls who came out to out last pre-break show at the Christiansburg Public Library – you were a small but mighty audience.

However, not to be deterred by mere miles apart, we’re rehearsing virtually. Sort of. In theory. It’ll be new and different, right? And we’ll all come back with our parts learned and memorized. 🙂

Happy Summer wherever you are!

Springing forward

We’re happy to say that we’ve got several local gigs in the offing, including shows at a new Senior Living facility and as the host of open mic events at the public library.

New events mean new music, so we’ve been working away to grow our repertoire over the last couple of months.  Know any songs about books, geeks/geeking, random pop culture?  We’re always open to suggestion.

Coming out swinging, er, singing

We’ve been working away, building repertoire, skills, and group dynamic.  (It’s hard to remember sometimes that we’ve really only been singing together since last October AND we took a month off in the middle.)  Got some great feedback from the Sweeps judges on our performance, which we’re using as guidelines for what to keep and what to tweak.

Along the way, we’ve started taping bits of rehearsal, like this clip Jordan grabbed during a run-through of our Pirates number.

In the works –  our first “real” music video, recurring shows at the new local retirement home, a gig at the public library, some pick-up performances around town, that potential big shindig around the end of the year, plus just mayyybe working something up for a certain wedding that’s coming up.