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Bye Jordan – we wish you well; AKA now what?

We’re deeply sorry to announce the departure of Jordan, our fearless leader and founder of King’s Post, who is moving on to other things. Best wishes for whatever you do!

The rest of us are taking some time to regroup, rethink, and strategize.¬† We’re on the lookout for new singers of any type who are interesting in a cappella, although finding a true bass and/or a VP would be a major coup. If you know anyone who might fit the bill, please send them our way.

Keep an eye out – we’re not done yet, although we may reemerge under a new name. ūüėČ

Still on the hunt – true bass and VP

We’re charging forward with rep development. ¬†Bonus side effect – odd looks from passersby when we get caught singing Christmas tunes in September.

In the meantime, we’re still looking for a new VP and a true bass. ¬†With them we can level up our arrangements, so if you know any in SW Virginia, please send them our way. In other words, auditions are open.


In reviewing our accounts, we’ve apparently been great about FB but a bit lax over here. ¬†Sorry about that! ¬†So what’s been happening?

We went to Charlotte in May to see Home Free for some inspiration:

KP members on steps of Art Museum in Charlotte
Grinning like fools post-concert

We made it through the first round of competition for the first annual A Cappella Open, but we ended up withdrawing for this year, because Jesse (Cogsworth) and Jennifer (Mrs. Potts) are in a production of Beauty and the Beast, and Liza is in a production of BINGO! which cut into availability over the summer.

Now we’re looking ahead to singing the national anthem at the Salem Red Sox game on July 27th @ 7pm.

Finally, we’re looking for (financial) support to help us go to summer camp – really! – in August and improve our aca-skills. ¬†See our campaign here:


So, sorry for the radio silence – bad Jennifer – but as you can see, we’re boogying right along!

Audition night recap

We had great¬†auditions last night for new altos and tenors. ¬†Thanks to all those who participated – we loved singing with you and we’ll letting you know the outcome soon.

In the meantime, we’re still on the hunt for an advanced beatboxer/VP and a low bass singer. ¬†Get in touch if you’re interested or know of someone who might be the perfect addition(s) to our goofy crew.

Come play with us – we’re fun

That’s right! ¬†King’s Post is looking for new members. Most urgently,¬†we’re hunting for a VP/beatboxer extraordinaire.¬† ¬†However, we’re also searching¬†for a mellifluous alto/mezzo and a rockin’ high tenor, so if you are or know a “permanent resident”¬†in the Blacksburg/Christiansburg/New River Valley, VA area who would like to join in the zany fun, give us a shout.

You can email us at auditions@kingspost.us.

We’ve been busy!

Waaaaay back last fall, we recruited¬†Christine, Karl and Richard¬†to fill out the King’s Post Roster. ¬†We dove into the deep end right away, accepting a guest spot in the Virginia Gentlemen¬†Barbershop Chorus’s¬†fall concert about three weeks before the performance date.

Three weeks after that, we were doing our first Christmas programs for the gracious residents of Blacksburg’s Warm Hearth Village.

We took mid-December through¬†late¬†January to catch our breaths, then reconvened in time to get in three weeks’ rehearsal before a¬†guest appearance at the Pitches Be Crazy February 5th¬†concert at the Empire, featuring the Revathi Murthy.

Our latest adventure: a day delivering singing valentines around the New River Valley on February 13th.