Meet the gang

130721 Jordan Truesdell Our fearless leader Jordan, baritone, likes to play with rockets, Cards Against Humanity, and rum. In his free time, he makes a living as an engineer, ensuring that buildings don’t fall down.

Eric, diva tenor II, has a secret dream of turning King’s Post into a Beastie Boys tribute band. In the meantime he wrangles computers, imitates cats, and maintains our calendar of pub tap take-overs.


Jennifer, an escaped classical soprano, longs for the day she can out-diva Eric. Until then she plays the role of  librarian during the day and rock star after hours.

Liza (LEE-zuh, if you please) is our ninja alto/part-time VP and pun-ster extraordinaire.  She’s also a nurse and our procurer of goofy hats.

Our answer to Cee Lo Green and Frankie Valli, tenor Jesse is a web designer who suffers from frequent outbursts of song.  He reminds the group to stay hydrated with his dry sense of humor.

This could be you,

if you’re an NRV bass or VP looking to join the fun.