Meet the gang

Our fearless leader Jordan, baritone/VP/arranger, likes to play with rockets, Cards Against Humanity, and rum. In his free time, he makes a living as an engineer, ensuring that buildings don’t fall down.

Eric, diva tenor II, has a secret dream of turning King’s Post into a Beastie Boys tribute band. In the meantime he wrangles computers, imitates cats, and maintains our calendar of pub tap take-overs.

Jennifer, an escaped classical soprano, arranger, and VP newbie, longs for the day she can out-diva Eric. Until then she plays librarian during the day and rock star after hours, occasionally tossing in a “quack.”

Liza (LEE-zuh, if you please) is our ninja alto/part-time VP and dancer extraordinaire.  She’s also a nurse and our procurer of goofy hats.

Our answer to Cee Lo Green and Frankie Valli, tenor Jesse is a web designer who suffers from frequent outbursts of song.  He reminds the group to stay hydrated with his dry sense of humor and is currently reigning pun-master.

This could be you,

if you’re an NRV bass or VP looking to join the fun.