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We’re featured guests in a musical – who’d have thought?

Yep – the remaining members of King’s Post (Eric, Jennifer, Jordan, and Richard) have a guest spot in New River Stage’s musical production of “The Kinds Left, The Dog Died, Now What?”  at the Warm Hearth Village Center Theater.  Come out to see a zany version of what happens when you become a person “of a certain age,” including wrestling with new technology, dating again, and the first appearance of AARP-mail in your postbox.  Last Sunday sold out and then some, so get your tickets soon!kids left

School’s out for summer!

And so are we, for a few weeks. Thanks to the hearty souls who came out to out last pre-break show at the Christiansburg Public Library – you were a small but mighty audience.

However, not to be deterred by mere miles apart, we’re rehearsing virtually. Sort of. In theory. It’ll be new and different, right? And we’ll all come back with our parts learned and memorized. 🙂

Happy Summer wherever you are!

Springing forward

We’re happy to say that we’ve got several local gigs in the offing, including shows at a new Senior Living facility and as the host of open mic events at the public library.

New events mean new music, so we’ve been working away to grow our repertoire over the last couple of months.  Know any songs about books, geeks/geeking, random pop culture?  We’re always open to suggestion.

Coming out swinging, er, singing

We’ve been working away, building repertoire, skills, and group dynamic.  (It’s hard to remember sometimes that we’ve really only been singing together since last October AND we took a month off in the middle.)  Got some great feedback from the Sweeps judges on our performance, which we’re using as guidelines for what to keep and what to tweak.

Along the way, we’ve started taping bits of rehearsal, like this clip Jordan grabbed during a run-through of our Pirates number.

In the works –  our first “real” music video, recurring shows at the new local retirement home, a gig at the public library, some pick-up performances around town, that potential big shindig around the end of the year, plus just mayyybe working something up for a certain wedding that’s coming up.

We came, we saw, we …

No, we didn’t win, but we had a fantastic time at MidAtlantic Sweeps last weekend with PBC and our new friends from Catatonic, Halo, The Lobby, Stiletta, and Orfeia, not to mention Mike Why and the crew at the Birchmere.  We got our first competition under our belts without any casualties and we got some good feedback from Jonathan Minkoff, producer of the SingStrong competition and member of Blue Jupiter.  We should be getting some video footage of our performance from a reporter and written feedback from the competition judges in the near future, too.

Also, thanks in part to an impromptu post-comp rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody as we celebrated at the afterglow, we may have booked a big Christmas gig already.  (Stay tuned – we’ll give details as things solidify.)

On Sunday we got to go out and play with PBC, Catatonic, Halo, and Mike Why again, this time at Jammin’ Java in Vienna, VA.  I hadn’t really gotten to hear Catatonic’s chops the night before, but this time around I had a seat in the house and holy cow! can those folks sing!  It’s no surprise they won sweeps last year.   The performers rocked, fun was had by all, and we still made it back to Blacksburg before dark.  Not bad for around 36 hours all told.

On the road again!

We’re off and rolling north towards Alexandria and the MidAtlantic Harmony Sweeps. Despite the early hour and the rain, our van’s conversation has already covered Disney tunes, the cost of espresso machines, navigation apps, an in-depth comparison of Sibelius versus MuseScore, the shortest shortcut to choral solos, and how to tell and long-time Virginia rural resident from the way they give directions – turn left at the tree that used to be on that corner before they cut it down. Heaven only knows what’s going on in the other van, but they have the snack hamper so I’m not going to speculate too much. 🙂
drive 3_14_15 2

Mid Atlantic Harmony Sweeps, here we come!

Thanks to our rep – who knew? – and an audition tape, we’ve been invited to compete at the Mid Atlantic division Harmony Sweepstakes in – you guessed it – about three weeks.   And, thanks to our friends Pitches Be Crazy, we’ll be part of their HS Alumni show the following afternoon.  Two gigs in one weekend – fabulous!We’ve been digging in to build a whole new set list, and things are looking pretty good.

Watch out NOVA – King’s Post is heading your way!
2015 MidAtlantic HS poster

We’ve been busy!

Waaaaay back last fall, we recruited Christine, Karl and Richard to fill out the King’s Post Roster.  We dove into the deep end right away, accepting a guest spot in the Virginia Gentlemen Barbershop Chorus’s fall concert about three weeks before the performance date.

Three weeks after that, we were doing our first Christmas programs for the gracious residents of Blacksburg’s Warm Hearth Village.

We took mid-December through late January to catch our breaths, then reconvened in time to get in three weeks’ rehearsal before a guest appearance at the Pitches Be Crazy February 5th concert at the Empire, featuring the Revathi Murthy.

Our latest adventure: a day delivering singing valentines around the New River Valley on February 13th.


King’s Post is expanding. With Casey moving away from Blacksburg, our quartet numbers only three. But since we really want a quartet with six people in it, it’s time to meet our new singers! Will one of those be you? Send us an email ( or give Jordan a call at 540-449-2175 and we’ll get you an audition time on Monday evening, September 8th at the Blacksburg Holiday Inn.